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Cinema e Ambiente, Avezzano, Italien
15. Juni 2022, 16:45, Castello Orsini-Colonna
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Filmfest Bremen
22. April 2022, 21:00, Kino Schauburg: Der Film läuft im Rahmen des Themenbereiches „Nachhaltigkeit“ und als regionaler Film
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Europäisches Kurzfilmfestival Göttingen
29. November 2021, 20:00, Kino 
MÉLIÈS: Der Film wird zusammen mit dem Göttinger Kurzfilm „White Collar Upgrade“ gezeigt, der seine Premiere feiert.
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Filmfest Braunschweig
07. November 2021, 13:15, Universum Kino: In der Kategorie „Heimspiel“ wird der Film gezeigt
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David is shocked to learn that, due to a side effect of climate change, humanity has only a few weeks with enough oxygen left. So far trapped in the machinery of everyday life, he has to find out for himself how he wants to spend the precious last days of his life.

The short movie LO₂SS reduces the complex and long-term consequences of climate change to a dramatically short period of time in order to make the incomprehensible tangible. It is a reflection on loss and the human response in the face of the ultimate end. How does it feel if we as humanity do not change our way of life to stop climate change? What would we lose? What happens to a person when they become a victim of a global failure? And what remains in the end? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

The German version of the film (subtitle in other languages available) was completed in December 2020. Selected short film festivals have been requested for the premiere. 

Der Film zum Ansehen


Jan Huttanus | David
Frederike Junge | Emma
Stefan Frohwein | anchorman


Jesko Thiel | director, edit
Cornelis Kater | producer, screenwriter
Sascha Vennemann | story by
Jana Schäfer | assistent director
Johannes Herbold, Alex Sulzberger | score
Daniel Hellwig | director of photography
Sebastian Robra | gaffer
Monika Giro | makeup
Selina Frohns, Paul Albert | sound mix, sound edit, foley
Michael Matthey | sound
Alexander Germer | colorist
Taylor Wessel | VFX


LO₂SS Production Team
Cornelis Kater
+49 176 24160047

Support the project

The movie is currently being submitted so a selection of film festivals. We are still looking for partners and supporters to promote the movie and to finish the planned English-language version. 

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